Official Show Photographer

Official Show Photographer

I started horseback riding again a couple of years ago after some time out of the saddle at a private stable with great facilities and, more importantly, a great community.  When my trainer found out that I had been an art major, she asked me to shoot a couple of the schooling shows.  I had a good time brushing the dust off of my camera and even sold a few prints.   A few weeks ago, the barn manager asked me if I would be available for their annual hosting of the Penn Jersey Horse Show, and to submit a few good photos for the cover of the prize list.  The prize list designer selected the photo which is featured in this post, and in the prize list, she included my business card under the heading “Official Show Photographer.”  Well, looks like I won’t be riding in this show! I thought to myself.

I am excited for the opportunity- this will be the biggest show I have photographed in my experience as an event photographer, and I hope one day to make this largely what I do for a living.  I’ve ordered an extra lithium battery for my trusty D300 and invited my dad, who is an accomplished photographer himself with the latest and greatest lens from Nikon and from whom I have inherited my digital equipment, to join me on the 22nd.  He asked me when we were planning on where to post photos from each class.  I have been posting them on my blog at the Freiday Sketchbook and having interested customers contact me for orders, as I prefer to print through Simply Color Lab but will utilize other avenues for the budget conscious customer.  When I first started, I was using, but disliked the mechanics of the pricing and percentage cut.  However, I wanted to look into a more professional avenue to display and sell photos.  I decided that as I am taking this seriously, it was time to shell out, purchase a domain, and create the website I’ve been daydreaming about for years now.  After all, I am now an official show photographer!


Feel free to contact me about my tiny embryo business and about my artwork in general!


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