me and whiskey winter fun show

My dad took this photo of Whiskey and I at a fun show hosted by our stable in January 2016.


I am Rebecca, and freidayphotography.com is my special project!  I have a lot to learn about website design and development, and will be continually refining upon this site’s design.  Occasionally you will see guest photographers from within the Freiday family.  For instance, my father (Don Freiday, Sr) has helped me out with a couple of horse shows already.  My photography skills will continue to improve as I get out there with my camera and learn more about my own style and shortcomings.  Currently I do have a (all hours of the) day job, but one day I hope to make photography, horses, and home making my main priorities.

I specialize in equine photography and also enjoy taking pictures of flowers, landscapes, and industrial decay.  My main focus is to capture the moments when horse and human look their best.  My photos can help horse people look back on fond memories, display the skill of the rider, and showcase their beautiful animals.  I have been horse crazy since I can remember, and riding since the age of eight.  My major was in visual arts with a minor in equine science from Rutgers University.  Today, I ride and show in the jumpers with Whiskey “Hot Scotch on the Rocks,” a registered solid chestnut paint with the sweetest blue eyes that you ever saw.

Thank you for visiting my site, and for sharing my love of horses and art!